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On the following pages You can more closely acquaint Yourself with the history of the old Niš trams and the efforts of the Society to return tram traffic in its full glory into the city of Niš.

Probably You immediately wondered: what is the shine of tram traffic? BUT, based on examples from the world, scientific and aesthetic achievements and new standards of living, You'll see, the tram is one of the most attractive forms of public transportation. On these pages, You can also see the photo and video materijal which is collected and processed by the Society and to hear the words of domestic and international experts in the field of public transportation.

The Society recommends You to vote in a poll because with each of Your votes Yes, the city of Niš will be closer to realization of the idea of trams restart at the streets of Niš (survey is anonymous). Also, we will be grateful if You send your comment. You can do it at the "contact" page.

Niš Tram Appreciation Society hopes that You'll, after visiting this site, get a positive attitude about trams in Niš (if You haven't already had it from before) and join to the Society in its efforts to introduce the new trams and also preserve memories of old Niš trams. Application can be filled "on line", membership is free of charge, all we need is Your support.

If you have the wish and ability to donate to the Society, with Your permission, You'll be added to the page of the Friends of the Society.


Dragan Ilić, president of the Niš Tram Appreciation Society






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